Enjoy A Personal Massage In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Get Instant Relief From Tight, Sore Muscles And Joints

  Pro Deep Tissue Massager™

  • Powerful handled massager

  • Laser-targeted joint and muscle relief

  • Fast-charging, long-life battery

  • Special noise reduction technology

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"Vibration therapy and massage are equally effective in preventing muscle soreness."

 - Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research

Get Astonishing Deep Pain Relief

Works On Your Legs... Knees... Back... And Anywhere Else You Need It!​

   The main benefits of the Pro Deep Tissue Massager™ :

  • Quickly shuts down hip pain so you can get back to spending time with your family, explore the world, or make the most of a romantic moment with that special someone

  • Long-lasting effects mean no more tossing and turning at night to find the perfect, pain-free position

  • Provides fast relief from discomfort and achiness in your fingers or wrists… making it easy to do simple, everyday tasks again

  • Reduces inflammation and chronic knee pain, improving knee stability and giving you complete confidence when you walk, climb stairs, or get out of bed.

  • Boosts blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients to problem areas for quick relief

  • Relieves tension in neck and shoulders, which helps defuse stress in the body and prevent tension headaches

  • Relaxes muscles around joints and increases range of motion so you can move freely and easily - without bracing yourself for pain

  • Decreases muscle spasms and stiffness in the upper and lower back so you can bend, twist, and lift objects again

Breakthrough "Vibrational" Technology Relieves Muscle And Joint Pain So You Can Start Enjoying Life Again

Six invigorating massage heads provide laser-targeted relief and soothe pain right at the source.

Variable vibration speed increases blood and lymph flow, reduces swelling, and raises the level of oxygen and nutrients in the body so you experience lightening-fast pain relief.

Fast-charging and long-life batterymeans your Deep Tissue Massager is ready whenever and wherever you need it.

30 adjustable speed levels makes it easy to find the vibration strength that’s best for you.

Special noise reduction technology means you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect massage in peace and quiet.

Ergonomic design makes our Deep Tissue Massager comfortable to hold, even for smaller hands.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the Pro Deep Tissue Massager and the service we offer - you are protected by our  guarantee on all purchases. Should you have any problem at all then e-mail us at wondersteps1@gmail.com for a fast response and no questions asked exchange or refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the Deep Tissue Massager Pro Work?

The Deep Tissue Massager uses vibration therapy to provide pressure deep into your body's muscle tissue. This is the same movement massage therapists use to reduce inflammation and flush lymph fluid out of the muscle tissue and into the circulatory system. Studies show deep tissue massagers are as effective as a massage therapist in easing pain and muscle soreness.

What kind of pain does this help with?

The Deep Tissue Massager helps relax tight muscles, reduce muscle soreness and tension, and improve range of movement. It’s the perfect solution if you suffer from back, shoulder, knee, hand, or wrist pain.

Does a deep tissue massage hurt?

Your deep tissue massager is meant to be used on muscles, not nerves.

So it should always feel pleasant and invigorating.

If you experience any kind of discomfort, you may be pressing too hard, or resisting the soothing effects, which is something called "Muscle Guarding".

Just relax, apply light and gentle pressure and let your deep tissue massager "work its magic" — to loosen tight, sore muscles...revive your cells, and leave you feeling cared for, relaxed and re-energized.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes 3-16 days to the USA

What happens if this doesn’t help me?

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee policy. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, just call or email us at wondersteps1@gmail.com for a no-questions-asked exchange or refund.