Finding A Solution To Pain  Isn't Easy

We have a passion for helping others find relief. This passion and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of wonder steps and are passed on to each of our customers. With Wonder Knee™ you can live every moment to the fullest.


After many experiments we conducted we created for you the best massage for arthritis (knees/elbows and shoulders)

That's how does it work:

-  We use a fast heating pad to heat the area to 50-55°C quickly.

A correct temperature is very important for the recovery of arthritis and after many experiments we found that it is the most effective temperature.

- We use a pure copper motor that allows us to produce a vibration of 3350 pulses per minute.

We have found that this is the most effective n vibrations for treating and relieve arthritis pain.

-  We take the heat and vibration and transfer it to a jade stone that encourages blood circulation and relief of pain and arthritis.


WONDER KNEE™ are very easy to use with 3 simple buttons only !

First of all the product should be worn on the painful area (knee, shoulder or elbow).

- The vibration massage and heating buttons not only can be used independently, can also be used together. Heating function max to 50 degree with safe over heated protection design.

- With the time buttons you can choose 3 different automatic shutoff times:

5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute can be choose according to your need.


Why Us?


  • You buy straight from our factory and that is why our price is the cheapest 

  • We use the most effective method for treating arthritis

  • Our product is suitable for use in arthritis in different areas of the body 

  • Auto program (5/10/15 mins)

  • Easy to wear designed and FDA Registered 

  • Wireless 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who the product is suitable for?

For people with arthritis (knee,shoulders,elbows) who want to do different actions easily.

Will this fit my knees/shoulder/elbow? 

Yes ! WONDER STAPES™ is one size fitsmost .

Both upper and lower straps are fully adjustable to fit most people

How its work? 

The WONDER KNEE™ work in a combination of two important actions : vibration and heat.

After many experiments we have conducted, we have created a product for you that combines these two features in the right way to make your arthritis go away

How i put it on? 

Ergonomic and compact wrap massager fits perfectly to the shape of the knee, shoulder and elbow. Adjustable multi-purpose velcro straps allow for the adjustment of an electric massager during the massage, with the help of which the massager can be secured to maximize relaxation and relieve pain.

The product is portable?

Yes ! WONDER KNEE™ equipped with an extremely powerful 2300mH battery which allows you to take it anywhere without a direct connection to electricity

What is the Recharge Time?

The battery will only need to be recharged after 3-2.5 hours of use

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