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 Our Knee Sleeve Features:

Our Knee Sleeve Features:

  • Silicon impact pad provides stability for the knee cap as well as protection from bumps and bruises.

  • Discretely designed to be invisible under long pants.

  • Tri-weave neoprene material keeps your knees warm and supple.

  • Ergonomically sculpted fit ensures maximum comfort without slippage.

  • Revolutionary support strips give full range of motion while protecting from twists and sprains.

  • Offers optimal muscle support between workouts and during casual everyday activities

  • Easy-breathe, machine washable materials keep your knees at just the right temperature.

  • Equally suitable for women and men.

Choose your size

We offer our knee sleeve in 4 different sizes in order for you to have the most comfortable fit and the best results.

Here are the 2 ways to check the correct size and fit:

1) Body weight

2) the circumference of your thigh (2 inches / 6 cm above the knee)

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